"Customised Connections": Wanzl at Security 2018

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Wanzl is the solution provider for secure, convenient and individual access – Access Solutions.

Under the motto “Customised Connections”, Wanzl invites its visitors to the Security 2018 exhibition in Hall 3, Stand 3D20 showcasing four different worlds: Diner, Company, Airport and Arena. “Customised Connections” is Wanzl’s Access Solutions motto and claim at the same time. Customer-specific connections, symbolised by the concise design of the rope stand of the trade fair stand – to enter, build and maintain – belong to the quality philosophy of the Leipheimer innovation leader.

Diner – For an Orderly Access
Whether taking a break from driving on a long journey, shopping or stopover in train travel – this system, available in petrol stations, malls and train stations, ensures guests have access to delicious food, refreshing drinks and hygienic toilets – it is all part of the comfort. In order to control the often large crowds, paid entrance systems have proven themselves.
In Essen (Germany), Wanzl is showcasing its brand-new access system – the innovative H15 automatic teller machine in combination with the Galaxy Turnstile and the Galaxy Port special access – ensuring a comfortable, barrier-free exit.

The product combination allows for easy operation – the 15 “monitor maps the technical requirements of the desired customer application and, therefore, enables the intuitive use of the machine. The cash dispenser is opened via a digital lock, which displays various authorisations. In addition, the stylish cash machine V21 is also available here. Thanks to its interactive menu navigation on the 21 “large touch screen, customer loyalty cards or coupons for affiliated shops can be easily generated, offering visitors to the diner world a lolly as a suitable promotional item even without a coupon.

Company – For a Stylish Reception
An entrance area is the first thing people see when they enter premises and, therefore, represents your company and structures the building access. Ambience, comfort and safety aspects need to be settled in these areas to ensure a warm welcome. The elegant Galaxy Gate combines these demands in the smallest detail – it is easy to use, visually stylish and absolutely reliable. Under the high quality, exactly to the respective company CI to be adapted stainless steel housing, hides pure high-tech such as bar codes, RFID or a palm vein scanner – the choice of authorised release units is comprehensive.

With consistently defined reaction processes and the special access Galaxy Port for accessibility, the Wanzl intake system also scores high points in terms of customer-specificity and comfort. As an option, the H15 automatic pay station, as a stand-alone solution, handles visitor management. Whether individuals are registered in advance or on the day, visitors can conveniently obtain their access authorisation, for example via a QR code for their smartphone. The Galaxy Gate scans the code, the software-monitored electromotive ESG swivel arms opens immediately and the guest can then enter – this enables a smooth and secure access. In order for visitors to be able to take note of all the advantages of the inlet system in the company world, they receive a noble ballpoint pen.

Airport – For a Relaxed Break
Away from the hustle and bustle of the airport, passengers will find perfect relaxation in airport lounges while they wait. For a stylish welcome and reliable authentication of access authorisation, Wanzl provides the elegant access gate – Galaxy Gate. If the stay in the lounges is included in the booked flight, the ticket serves as a door opener. Simply scan the Galaxy Gate and the road to a stress-free break begins. Spontaneous access is also possible thanks to the convenient V21 automatic teller machine. Intuitive user guidance, multi-lingual configurations and visual signals enable a quick and easy purchase of lounge tickets. For true aviation fans, Wanzl has a foam airplane in the airport world as a harmonious give-away.

Arena – For a Comfortable Entrance
Whether at a hockey or football match, rock or pop concert, each modern stadium has the opportunity to experience highlight events in the exclusive framework of a VIP area. Long waiting times and indiscreet controls at the entrance convey unprofessionalism. However, with the help of the fully automatic Galaxy Gate, guests feel welcome from the start, ensuring a great first impression. Admission is stylish, courteous and smooth. Elegant applications, for example made of wood or carbon, as well as colour-coordinated, powder-coated accents, which can be customised for customers, enhance the award-winning design. Another advantage for all concerned is in the VIP area where service employees can concentrate fully on the wellbeing of the guests and secure the best first impression.

Another real eye-catcher is the V21 cash machine. Based on a smartphone, it impresses visitors with the latest looks. Inside, the management software ETISS ERP® controls all processes. Well encrypted and tamper-proof, ETISS ERP® enables secure ticket sales. A revision-proof process, complete logging and comprehensive analysis of the transactions are state of the art. Videos in standby mode or during operation via split screen offer additional possibilities for advertising and information. In order to make the next visit to the stadium comfortable for the visitors, comfortable seat cushions are available as free carrying items.