The Lillies get trolley-ed for charity

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The Lillies get trolley-ed for charity

Twenty members of the Lillies WI, a next generation Women’s Institute group, attended a consumer engagement event held at Wanzl late last year.

This was to test products from a consumer’s perspective as well as provide insight and feedback on current designs and how the products perform when tested by typical users.

To the ladies a fun way to test the products, they were set a trolley dash time trial, which saw members competing to race a weighted trolley around a mini assault course whilst providing in depth product reviews and lively discussion on topics of security, manoeuvrability, the visual appearance, accessories and the idea of introducing QR codes.

Anna Molony of the Lillies WI organised the event: “We’re always looking for something a little different for our members to do and this seemed like a fantastic opportunity to support a local company and raise money for a local charity.”

Wayne Asher, Marketing Manager at Wanzl UK Group, added: “While this event was a lot of fun for all of the participants and raised money for a local charity, there was also a serious side. “We carry out market research across our worldwide regions and, often, it is the qualitative consumer feedback, which really helps to shape our development work.

“While our customer may be the retailer who purchases the product, it is the family using the trolley or hand basket who can give us valuable insight into its practicality. We’re delighted The Lillies WI could join us for this first consumer interaction event.”

The Marketing team at Warwick hope to interact with the consumers on a more personal level in the future, arranging for further consumer engagement events which will enable us to continue to provide the best possible shopping experience and keep up the pace with the British love of shopping.

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