Reviva Meets Christmas Demands

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Reviva Meets Christmas Demands

Reviva trolleys were in demand to meet the need for an extra 50,000 additional trolleys being ordered by UK supermarkets to keep up with seasonal demand.

MD of Storetec – the home of Reviva – Tony Barber says that retailers are beginning to look more closely at the environmental and financial impact of this annual ‘topping up’ of national trolley fleets.

“Throughout December, UK retailers introduced an additional 50,000 trolleys to their stores in order to meet consumer demand for readily available turkey and sprout transport.

“The extra shipping trolleys, which end to end would stretch from one side of London to another, equate to having to plant over 100 million trees to offset the carbon displacement of their manufacture – if produced from raw materials.”

Tony said that with 30,000 trolleys held on site at any one time, the number of trolleys being sent for remanufacturing has increased from 8,000 in 2008 to more than 60,000 in 2011 – a 750 per cent increase. During this time, the Reviva process has saved more than 12,000 tonnes of CO2 for retailers by re-manufacturing more than 150,000 trolleys.

“Demand for more carbon efficient production combined with tougher economic times has pushed re-manufacture up the agenda. Ultimately, this helps retailers save money on their equipment, which means less cost being passed onto the consumer. Moreover, it is helping retailers meet their CSR commitments by reducing their carbon footprint.

“The evidence suggests that, over the coming years, we will see retailer demand for re-manufactured trolleys continue to grow, as economic and environmental concerns weigh heavier and financial constraints get ever tighter,” said Tony.

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