Wanzl's New Order Picking Solutions

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Wanzl's New Order Picking Solutions

Wanzl UK Group, the largest single supplier of retail equipment in the UK, has a number of innovative order picking solutions available to help aid a smooth supply chain operation.

Pick and Pack
Pick and Pack
The Pick and Pack solution, for example, is perfect for smaller shipping orders. In a world where multi-channel retailing is becoming more and more popular, the need for smaller orders to be processed is increased and a solution such as this is ever more beneficial. The Pick and Pack trolley from Wanzl allows goods to be collected straight from the rack in the warehouse and packed into the shipping boxes. The delivery note can also be placed directly into the package on site, allowing the consignment to be immediately ready for despatch. The specially equipped trolleys also allow several orders to be processed at the same time. The frame is made from hardwearing steel, and the shelves are held in place by lightweight aluminium. The handle is ergonomically designed and perfectly suited to pulling as well as pushing.

KT3 Pick-by-Frame®
KT3 Pick-by-Frame

Given the current economic climate and the changing face of the retail environment, there is now, more than ever, the need to ensure that supply chain operation is as effortless and efficient as possible. Order picking that is time efficient and accurate is essential as part of guaranteeing an effective supply chain. If a customers order arrives late or is incorrect they are unlikely to be loyal to a retailer or recommend them to others. This system aids the order picking process by allowing for paperless order picking while processing numerous orders at the same time.

After activating the picking list, the central display takes the employee on an optimised route to a collection point. The central display, which is able to show warehouse coordinates, accumulated collection quantity and additional information, then shows the number of each of the items needed for all the orders to be processed. This limits the need for any repetitive journeys and speeds up the overall order picking process.

After completing the picking list, the Pick-by-Frame is electromagnetically detached from the trolley and can then be used straight away with a different trolley. The display bar on this trolley can be variably filled with numerous displays, varying from individual signal lights to the six-character alphanumeric display and their position can be individually arranged.

KT3 Pick-by-Light
KT3 Pick by Light
The picking trolley KT3 from Wanzl is also available with a mobile power supply to create Pick-by-Light systems. For long routes and a high picking frequency, the KT3 order picking trolley with Pick-by-Light technology is the ideal solution. Each trolley is automatically connected to the warehouse management system via WLAN. The innovative software then sends the picker on the shortest route from one picking point to the next, saving time and effort. This system ultimately reduces the risk of picking errors and the time taken for orders to be processed.

KT4 ‘Drive’
KT4 Drive
Order picking can be tiring and laborious. In an environment that is increasingly health and safety conscious, taking the need for physical labour out of a process can often be beneficial. Automated order picking takes away the pressure on an employee to push trolleys around warehouses for long periods of time. This is particularly important when dealing with heavy items. The KT4 ‘drive’ is the first motorised order picking trolley of the upper load class. This system removes the need to manually move the order picking trolley and even heavy goods can now be picked without the need for additional lift trucks or fork lifts.

A low-maintenance and low-wear electric motor is integrated in the hub of the fifth wheel, providing the drive for this innovative order picking trolley and ensuring effortless track precision and safe manoeuvring. The maximum speed is up to six km/h depending on load.

The control switch can be mounted on either side of the handle to suit both right and left handed operation and the emergency cut-out safety key, which prevents operation by unauthorised persons, is situated in the centre of the handle for easy access. The lithium polymer battery is easy to replace and quick to recharge.

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