Key B&Q and HTC contract wins

Posted on by Aimee Postle Self Service Systems, General, Reviva

B&Q store
B&Q store

Wanzl UK Group has achieved a significant breakthrough contract to provide a total trolley management solution for the UK’s largest DIY multiple retailer, B&Q.

This high-value order will include the storage, servicing and supply of trolleys and all wheeled assets for B&Q at more than 300 store sites throughout the country.

Account director, Steve Micklethwaite, said that securing this three-year contract was particularly significant as it has been won from long-established competitors for both trolleys and service.

A further success has been the agreement with B&Q to trial Wanzl UK Group’s ‘Trolleywise’ asset retrieval service at three store sites. “We look forward to further positive results from these trials in the months ahead,” said Steve.

CPM and maintenance services for HTC

One of the largest UK commercial property consultants, Hartnell Taylor Cook, has recently confirmed a 30-month contract with Wanzl UK Group to provide car park management and trolley maintenance services.
Account director, Marc Radforth, said the contract further consolidated Wanzl’s strong partnership with HTC and would cover six major joint retail sites around the country.

“Following this agreement, Wanzl has also been able to secure the supply of a quantity of new and Reviva trolleys to these sites and this is another great example of Wanzl’s unique ‘full lifecycle’ asset management model in action,” he said.