BBC Spotlight on Reviva for the NHS

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BBC Spotlight on Reviva for the NHS

As the national debate about how the NHS can save money continues to gather momentum, the media spotlight fell on Reviva and the NHS in August.

Having heard about Reviva remanufactured roll cages supplied to the Nottingham Universities Hospitals NHS, BBC East Midlands were keen to learn more.

Arrangements were made and very soon enthusiastic Reviva champion Tony Barber, found himself in front of the camera and presenter Carolyn Moses.

The BBC crew went on to visit the NHS where spokesperson David Monks made very positive comments about Reviva and how remanufacturing could ‘have a major impact’ on the finances of the NHS.

Marketing Manager, Wayne Asher was also invited to BBC Radio Derby for a live interview on their morning show to tell listeners more about Reviva and the NHS and how Derbyshire could lead the way as the ‘remanufacturing capital’ of the UK.

All in all, a good marketing effort to raise awareness of our Reviva brand and promote Wanzl as a provider of cost-effective, environmentally friendly solutions.

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