Logistics Are on a Roll!

Posted on by Chloe Gibbins Logistics + Industry

David Poole & Doug Jeffery at the TJ Morris distribution centre
David Poole & Doug Jeffery at the TJ Morris distribution centre

Wanzl’s Logistics & Industry team are enjoying a successful year and are continuing to build a strong working relationship with TJ Morris / Home Bargains with a recent order of 5,000 roll cages.

Head of L&I Sales in the UK, Doug Jeffery said: “Due to the success of the new roll cages delivered in 2012, we received the second significant order which we have just completed. Part of the 2013 deal was to take their old roll cages in part exchange for future rework opportunities.”

The provision of the roll cages included on-site assembly at the Liverpool-based retail group by a specialist Wanzl team. The roll cages are initially sent as a flat-pack product from Wanzl Czech to save space and reduce transportation costs.

TJ Morris / Home Bargains are expanding and having a second distribution centre build near Amesbury in the South of England.

“This will have a significant amount of automated picking installed and presents an opportunity to supply 2-sided roll cages. We are currently discussing specification and costs to support this project so further orders will hopefully materialise when the new distribution centre is opened for business,” said Doug.

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