Wanzl tells Christmas Reviva story on BBC1

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Wanzl tells Christmas Reviva story on BBC1

Wanzl told their ‘Christmas Reviva’ story to over 12 million BBC Breakfast viewers in several live broadcasts from Tibshelf early in December.

The BBC were intrigued to learn that almost all the 50,000 additional shopping trolleys required for the Christmas retail rush were supplied by Wanzl – and that most of these were Reviva trolleys remanufactured at Wanzl’s Tibshelf factory site.

Tony Barber

Stars of the most popular UK morning TV show were Wanzl Group MD Dean Rolland and Production and Sustainability Director Tony Barber who were interviewed by Dominic Laurie for live transmissions from the heart of the Reviva production line – braving the dark and freezing cold of a particularly frosty winter morning. These broadcasts were also seen on BBC websites and used for their ‘Five Live’ and ‘BBC Worldwide’ services.

Tony said that there had been an increase of more than 50% in the take-up of Reviva trolleys compared to last year, with 35,000 trolleys shipped to customers in December compared with 22,000 for the same period in 2011.

Reviva shopping trolleys are a more affordable and eco-friendly alternative – contributing only half the CO2 emissions compared with new trolleys in the manufacturing process.

Since introduction in 2005, it is estimated that Wanzl’s Reviva products have saved UK retailers 12,000 tonnes of CO2 by re-manufacturing more than 150,000 trolleys. The unique Reviva process is available for all steel-based retail and industrial equipment which includes shelving, roll cages, waste bins and steel lockers.

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