Heavy-duty Reviva products provide further benefits for UK Retailers

Posted on by Chloe Gibbins General, Innovation

Heavy-duty Reviva products provide further benefits for UK Retailers

In addition to trolleys and shelving, the Reviva brand is growing to include heavy duty remanufacturing for ‘back-of-store’ retail services.

At Wanzl UK’s Witham facility, an increasing number of compactors, balers and scissor-lifts are being supplied to retailers looking to achieve cost savings and reduce environmental impact.

Head of Secondary Service for Wanzl UK, Glen Stewart and his team of specialised technicians and service engineers provide a ‘comprehensive re-build to as good or better-than new’ condition for high value equipment items.

“We are not in the market to compete with skin-deep refurbishment which addresses appearances and little else. All engineering aspects, including electro-mechanical and hydraulic operating systems, are completely re-manufactured and quality assessed to the very highest standards.

“We are routinely reviving heavy-duty compactors, balers and scissor-lifts and returning them to service with a factory warranty at nearly half the cost of an equivalent new machine.”

In addition, the Wanzl UK facility at Witham manufactures a range of heavy-duty impact protection equipment such as low level rail, bollards, and concrete reinforced pillar guards and ‘anything in yellow’ in modern distribution and warehousing environments. We also produce a variety of bespoke heavy duty steel fabrications including walkways, work stations and factory yard gates.

“Wanzl also support a number of retail industry contracts for the servicing and repair of electro-mechanical handling equipment from Witham. These products and services continue to grow as our customers look for new ways to achieve cost-savings and reduce the environmental impact of their operations,” said Glen.

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