Wanzl Wins Further Significant Roll-Cage Order at TJ Morris

Posted on by Chloe Gibbins Logistics + Industry, General

Joe Morris, Operations Director for TJ Morris
Joe Morris, Operations Director for TJ Morris

Following initial orders for 5,000 two-sided roll cages in 2012 and 2013, TJ Morris have confirmed a further order for 10,000 Wanzl manufactured roll cages to be delivered during 2014 with exclusive supply for demountable roll cages in 2015.

Wanzl UK Group’s Logistics & Industry, Airports and Primary Services Director, Doug Jeffery

“Wanzl are delighted to have secured this valuable contract against Far East competitors, based on the quality, durability and low lifetime cost of our products.

“Wanzl’s product development, manufacturing capability and national service support have been key factors in the award of TJ Morris contracts and we continue to help deliver operational efficiencies and cost savings for this fast-growing and progressive retail group,” said Doug.

TJ Morris currently operates over 350 Home Bargain stores throughout the UK and has announced plans to double its estate to over 700 stores over the next five years. The Liverpool-based retailer has also commenced work on a new state-of-the art automated distribution centre at Solstice Park in Amesbury. Wanzl has been chosen by TJ Morris as a key strategic supplier for the new distribution centre.

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