New Wanzl Powdercoating Line opens at Tibshelf

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New Wanzl Powdercoating Line opens at Tibshelf

Wanzl have introduced a state-of-the art powdercoating booth to the production line at the their Tibshelf manufacturing site in Derbyshire.

An investment of over £200,000 will deliver significant improvements in efficiency while reducing costs for UK customers who take advantage of Wanzl’s unique Reviva remanufacturing process.

Operations Director for Wanzl, Tony Barber, said that the new powdercoating booth supplied by Swiss specialists Gema has ‘dramatically reduced’ colour change times and provides a superior quality finish. At the same time, powder waste is reduced from 25% to 5%.

“Our colour change time is now close to 10 minutes versus about an hour previously which has enormous benefits both in terms of sheer throughput capacity and our ability to flex production to meet shorter runs.

“Over the next few weeks we will invite our UK customers to visit Tibshelf to see first-hand the quality, efficiency and cost savings we can achieve with them – whether for wire or flatsteel shelving, display systems or shopping trolleys. Our Reviva brand continues to grow as the smart choice for retailers looking for cost and environmental benefits – and our world-class powdercoating service is a now a further value-adding feature of Wanzl’s total asset lifecycle model,” said Tony.

He added that Gema powdercoating booths are used extensively within the Wanzl manufacturing estate and they welcomed the opportunity to introduce their sophisticated automated systems to Wanzl’s Reviva remanufacturing process in the UK.

“We look forward to developing our surface finishing technology with partners such as Gema to the benefit of all our customers in the future,” said Tony.

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