Wanzl Introduces BakeOff 2.0

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Wanzl Introduces BakeOff 2.0

High product density, maximum filling volume, best ergonomics, modular and flexible to use: the new Wanzl BakeOff 2.0 presentation unit for fresh goods sets the stage for strong-selling freshly baked goods and sets itself apart with its well thought-out technical details. Cross-selling modules can be integrated for cooling convenience products and a bread-slicing machine.

Wanzl BakeOff 2.0 is a modular fresh island in the store, which is loaded with delicious baked goods from rustic bread, crisp rolls and pretzels through to delicate pastries. Four levels for filling with goods plus the integrated service module means that the generation 2.0 presents itself in a completely new way. The system unit has been optimised and enhanced thanks to Wanzl’s long-standing partnership with several thousand retail stores, which use the Wanzl BakeOff 1.0 presentation unit.
Baked goods towers: displaying, cooling and convenience in a modular design

Customised combinations: every baked goods tower is one metre wide and provides plenty of space for goods on four levels. An additional service unit for cleaning is integrated on the bottom level. The baked goods towers can be combined flexibly and the hygienic plastic trays on the individual levels can be quickly and easily subdivided into two or three sections with glass dividers without the need for tools. This is how up to twelve different baked goods and packaged convenience products can be displayed in one tower. The modular, with easy to install construction, allows the store to make quick changes to its assortment.
A baked goods tower with cooling on the top two levels that has a constant temperature of +6 to +12° Celsius can be integrated for successful cross selling.
A service tower for the bread-slicing machine including a baked goods level is available as an additional module. Wanzl BakeOff 2.0 can be integrated harmoniously into the individual store interior thanks to its high-quality, wood-effect finish combined with attractive module colours and a plinth cover as a bumper.

High product density stimulating the impulse to buy
Shock- and impact-resistant, curved real glass provides maximum transparency and strong product density in a high-quality showcase appearance. Here, all the attention is focused on the products, stimulating the impulse to buy. The assortment is perfectly visible and ideally lit on all levels thanks to energy-saving LED lighting. Wanzl BakeOff 2.0 is equipped with hygienic saliva and sneezing protection feature and a function for preventing the return of removed goods. Bakery drawer and pick-up tongs with practical one-handed operation ensure that each baked item reaches the paper bag safely. The minimised use of moving, wearing parts optimises the maintenance and repair costs. Upgrade and downgrade solutions of the functions for preventing the return of removed goods made of glass or wire and tool-free installation are possible at any time.

Filling, Service, Cleaning
Brilliantly easy to operate: extremely practical goods filling using the drawers of the pull-out front or using the open back panel with a view to the bakery. Saliva and sneezing protection, function for preventing the return of removed goods, the plastic goods carriers and the central breadcrumb collection tray per tower can be removed effortlessly without the need for any tools and are easy to clean.
An ergonomic service system for a vacuum cleaner, rubbish bags, disposable gloves, paper bags and storage drawer supports efficient and time-saving daily cleaning.

Wanzl BakeOff 2.0 – USPs
- Strong product density, high transparency
- High-quality showcase appearance thanks to the use of curved real glass and wood look
- Integrated cooling unit
- Simple handling by sales personnel and customers
- No wearing parts, minimal maintenance
- Different hygiene levels achieved by raising and lowering the function to prevent the return of removed goods

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