Wanzl's Innovation at Design Challenge 2016

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Future Concepts of Airport Seating
Future Concepts of Airport Seating

Passenger Terminal World’s airport seating design competition seeks to find innovative solutions that meet the evolving needs of today’s passengers, taking into consideration factors such as aesthetics, comfort, cost, durability and environmentally friendly design.


Wanzl UK’s Creative Development Designer, Rebecca Veasey, submitted a seating design concept to the competition and has overcome thousands of entries from around the world, securing a place as a runner-up for her ‘Pent’ design.

Seating Concept

The Design
‘Pent’ is a premium appearance airport seating range with a fully modular design. Each chair has the option of additional panels that can be inserted to suit the requirements of the environment. Each modular panel has a purpose – some are fold-out tables, some are arm rests, some have multiple plug-charging ports with USB and sound connection bars. Others have a crystal LED screen showing flight information or promotional material.


The Designer
Rebecca – the designer of ‘Pent’ said: “I am so pleased my design submission has been awarded a place in the runner-up category. It is a very futuristic approach to the brief and incorporates a lot of conceptual and existing technology. The Wanzl Design Team prides themselves on their innovative approach and aim to be at the forefront of their field.

The Passenger Handling World’s airport design competition was a brilliant global opportunity to display my creative side and to demonstrate the Wanzl Design Team’s capabilities in concept development and prototyping.”