A Blended Solution - The Launch of Pure Tech

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Pure Tech - A cost-effective solution for the shelving market
Pure Tech - A cost-effective solution for the shelving market

Design, Efficiency & Costs:
Introducing a fundamental innovation to stores, Wanzl’s new Pure Tech shelving system with its completely new shelf structure, offers the benefits of wire shelving in the price category of flat steel shelves. The standard shelf pillars have been replaced with a highly intricate combination of a lattice back panel and base, resulting in an exceptionally efficient designer shelf that combines exceptional load capacity with functionality for over-the-counter trade from large-scale supermarkets to non-food business.

With Pure Tech, Wanzl has shown that it is possible to achieve intricate design and efficiency at the same time, thanks to its simple design and outstanding transparency, enabling remarkable merchandise density and driving sales.

Wire – A Clear View of the Products:
When compared to flat steel shelves, Pure Tech optimises the benefits that Wanzl wire shelves have to offer. Even after years of use, the Wanzl wire shelves look as good as new while the surfaces of sheet-metal shelves scratch easily and show dents through general wear and tear. Customers can enjoy a continually replenished store for long periods of time while store operators make savings refreshing their stores replacing worn and tired-looking flat steel shelves. Gaps between products do not stand out easily on wire shelves ensuring more light for products on the lower shelves boosting merchandise density and enhancing the appearance of the product display.

Pure Tech and Wire Tech:
For customers who already use our Wire Tech shelving range, Wanzl’s ‘sister system’ – Pure Tech – offers a further advantage enabling a blended solution. All Wire Tech shelves are compatible with the new Pure Tech variant with shelf brackets connecting to the wire shelf by simply clicking into place. Benefits of the ‘click shelves’ include simple hanging with added safety for mounting.

Dr Oliver Blank, Head of Wanzl’s Shop Solutions business division said: “We can see over-the-counter trade becoming increasingly reliant on new concepts and placing a greater emphasis on the overall shopping experience, in order to make their mark and set themselves apart from the competition. However, investments in shop fitting have to stay within budget and Pure Tech is our way of keeping up with this trend. In terms of price, our new system is virtually comparable with current flat steel shelves but is far superior in appearance, design and its configuration. Pure Tech is the best choice for any customer who wants to stand out from the crowd.

Wanzl has already equipped two pilot markets with the system and the team at Wanzl are happy with the result – Dr Oliver Blank said: “The organisation went smoothly with precision and efficiency. The good results in the marketplace are clear to see and Pure Tech is definitely prominent within a store setting.”