This is YourTable!

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The YourTable Range
The YourTable Range

YourTable is the new multifunctional presentation system from Wanzl. Available in three models, it boosts sales of every assortment – products can be attractively presented with a strong pressure to buy, whether you are aiming to create an emotional backdrop for a speciality range or promoting a sales-boosting special offer. This will provoke your customers’ interest, encourage impulse buying and increase your sales. All the components of YourTable are highly versatile and can be combined in a variety of ways. This means more design freedom in your product displays with minimal effort to ensure the YourTable becomes centre stage for your sales success.

YourTable plays with colours and decors to set the perfect atmosphere and ensure the ideal sales setting for every assortment. It can be utilised to its full effect for wine, fresh baked goods, herbs and flowers; it can also take on a traditional market character for fruit and vegetables, fine and sleek for health and beauty cosmetics, practical for household commodities and charmingly attractive for textiles. The entire sale of goods is performed with functional finesse, sleek aesthetics and superior quality. YourTable can be quickly and easily adapted, expanded, reduced or rearranged at any time, without the need for tools and with no assembly costs – an economical and time-saving solution!

YourTable is a model of flexibility, a virtue which extends to its accessories. Additional shelves, blister panels, wicker and plastic baskets, attachments, rotating shelves, table extensions, advertising boards, poster stands and flower buckets are all part of the system. All the components are fully compatible with each other, granting you the freedom to constantly create new presentation solutions.