Award Winning Duo Tech

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Duo Tech Instore
Duo Tech Instore

Wanzl has excelled in the disciplines of innovation, design, functionality and safety. In recognition of its outstanding achievements, Wanzl has been awarded a prize for the Duo Tech shelving system and have been presented with the German Design Award 2016 for the category of ‘Excellent Product Design’. The German Design Award is the most prestigious design competitions in the world and is awarded by the German Design Council.

Duo Tech:
The Duo Tech shelving system features a pure aesthetic design and is a master of transformation for creative product displays with flexibility and added sales. The Duo Tech range features distinctive coloured aluminium uprights and adjustable wire ladders, displaying products with style, generating added value and forming creative store concepts with enticing displays.

The store furnishing system is quickly assembled, converted or completely redesigned as a stand-alone module, wall unit, central unit or as a complete interior design. Shelves and back panels made of wire, glass, wood or plastic compliment the Duo Tech uprights with foot and base elements.

The Head of Wanzl’s Shop Solutions business division, Dr Oliver Blank, said: “The ‘winner’ award for Duo Tech confirms Wanzl as an innovation leader in the field of Shopfitting.”

The judging panel consisting of Anne Højgaard Jørgensen, Hartmut Schürg and Aleks Tatic explained their decision to choose Wanzl’s Duo Tech – “Duo Tech brings colour to the store and makes it distinctive. This well-conceived and highly functional system is composed of an aluminium profile to which a wire ladder can be attached on any side. The upright can come in the colour of your choice to match your corporate design for a bright look or with muted tones for an elegant appearance. Another hallmark attribute of Duo Tech is its high level of versatility – a perfectly executed, extremely flexible rack system for the retail sector that brings the products to life.”