Award Winning Galaxy Gate

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Galaxy Gate
Galaxy Gate

Wanzl has excelled in the disciplines of innovation, design, functionality and safety. In recognition of its outstanding achievements, Wanzl has been awarded a prize for the Galaxy Gate security barrier system and have been presented with the German Design Award 2016 for the category of ‘Excellent Product Design’. The German Design Award is the most prestigious design competitions in the world and is awarded by the German Design Council.

Galaxy Gate:
The fully automatic Galaxy Gate security barrier system guarantees the reliable control, authentication and separation of people. The system is a real eye-catcher boasting a compact, stainless-steel design and closed housing. When opened, the swivel barriers are integrated perfectly into the frame with a variety of applications made from plastic, wood or carbon which give the system a distinctive look. The stainless-steel casing contains high-tech equipment with the latest WEAC control for highly sensitive security requirements.

The software-monitored, electromotive ESG swivel barriers only open following an authorised release pulse ensuring secure access. The time the barriers remain open can be adjusted as can the dynamically programmable separation closing function, which scans and detects patterns of people and their behaviour as well as reacting immediately to misuse.

A ceiling sensor monitors the authorised doorway and in the event of misuse, the separation system issues a visual and acoustic warning signal which immediately closes the swivel barriers. External release devices can be connected using LAN interfaces or a potential-free contact. Mobile devices, such as smartphones, communicate with the control unit of the Galaxy Gate via OSDP (Open Supervised Device Protocol) and prompt the gate to open. Fire alarm systems and building management systems have a designated place on the connection circuit board.

Head of Wanzl Sales & Access Solutions, Andreas Fischer said: “The Galaxy Gate is functionally, technically and visually a worldwide innovation from Wanzl.”

The judging panel consisting of Nicole Huffer, Ruwen Kaminski and Junior Professor Dr Jens Krzywinski explained their decision to choose Wanzl’s Galaxy Gate – “The cutting-edge technology of the Galaxy Gate security system is reflected down to the last detail of its high-quality stainless steel and glass design.

The Galaxy Gate ensures quick and reliable access control by incorporating fast-moving swivel barriers made of ESG safety glass combined with sophisticated sensor technology. The gate is equipped with the latest control and monitoring technology and includes an LED display showing the system’s status, an integrated alarm system, programmable WEAC control via a web server, a LAN interface as well as a customised MP3 voice output. A sophisticated system that can be applied individually, thanks to its modular technology.”