The New Steering Axle from Wanzl

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The New Steering Axle from Wanzl

Wanzl improves material flow with tugger train solutions

When it comes to internal logistics, many businesses are becoming increasingly reliant on improved use of space at their storage and production sites. Aisles are getting narrower, making the requirements placed on transporting goods safely on tugger trains more difficult to meet. Trolleys which do not follow the exact path of the vehicle pulling them pose a greater safety risk when being moved around tight bends. Due to growing demand, Wanzl has therefore developed a special chassis for tugger trains.

In industry, pallet trolleys and mobile containers in particular are increasingly being transported by tugger train. These trolleys are now available from Wanzl in a special version with a steering axle. They are proving to be an ideal solution for driving down narrow aisles because both axles are mobile and can adjust radially to follow a curve. This ensures that the other trolleys in the train will follow the path extremely accurately.

The mobile containers are also very easy to use and handle manually. The drawbar folds up automatically when the trolley is uncoupled from the vehicle pulling it. This switches the axles to the system with two swivel castors (at the front) and two fixed castors (at the back). This mode is particularly useful for steering when moving in a straight line because it enables the trolley to stay on course more effectively. However, manoeuvring on the spot or in a tight space is no problem for the new Wanzl containers either. When a locking bar on the back of the trolley is released, the two fixed castor wheels can be converted into swivel castors. The four swivel castors improve manoeuvrability and the container can therefore be pushed in any direction.

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