Loads Transported Conveniently

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Loads Transported Conveniently

The new, optimised KT3 “drive” order picking trolley from Wanzl with mobile power supply is an enduring champion of transport, which conveys heavy loads without the need for physical strength. A powerful electric drive is integrated in the hub of the 5th wheel underneath the centre of the trolley. The innovative, patented drive unit ensures effortless moving, a high level of track precision and excellent manoeuvrability with minimal energy input. The trolley can be turned 360 degrees on the spot – even when loaded.

New: lithium-ion battery system
Powerful lithium-ion batteries constantly supply the drive unit with power. Wanzl offers two versions according to the desired operating time: a 10 Ah or 20 Ah version. Thanks to their higher energy density, the new long-life batteries with integrated battery management system are considerably smaller and weigh less than the previous versions with lead gel. On request, a display integrated into the handle informs the order picker of the remaining operating time.

Comfortable handling
The electrical drive is operated conveniently via a multi-functional handle unit. An new innovation is the optional drawbar function which can be moved up and down. It can be adjusted to exactly the right height to ensure perfect, ergonomic manoeuvring. The speed can be pre-set to two basic levels. Within the two basic variants, the speed can be continuously regulated via a rocker switch.

For added safety
The standard equipment includes the brake which is integrated into the electric drive for safe parking and immediate stopping in an emergency. The safety switch on the handle increases the safe handling for the order picker. If it is triggered, the direction of travel briefly changes automatically. The handle also has a horn as an additional acoustic warning signal. For an even higher level of safety in internal transportation, customers can also have the trolley equipped with a blue headlight. The blue spot on the floor warns pedestrians of the approaching trolley.

KT3 “drive” – the all-rounder
The KT3 “drive” has been developed in a modular system design, thereby offering flexibility for future retrofitting and modification. Different sizes and a comprehensive range of accessories offer a high degree of variability and ensure flexibility in manual order picking. Customers can also choose to have the KT3 “drive” equipped with an additional battery. This then takes over the mobile electricity supply for customer peripherals such as monitors, scanners or pick-by-light accessories. The comprehensive range of accessories meets industry and product-specific individual customer requirements for order picking. Illustration shows special equipment.

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