Salsa: The Rhythm for Retail

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The Salsa Trolley - The Rhythm for Retail
The Salsa Trolley - The Rhythm for Retail

Rollout of the new generation of plastic shopping trolleys

Wanzl have launched its new generation of plastic shopping trolleys in the form of the Salsa Trolley. This brand-new product showcases ergonomic design, performance and smooth travel. A brief look back tells the success story of Wanzl’s plastic shopping trolleys – almost 15 years ago, the Tango model transformed the retail scene. Since then, the premium trolley with basket volumes of 90 to 240 litres has danced around the aisles, making shopping more attractive, pleasant and more colourful.

Intrinsic Basket Structure

A facelift for the basket
The striking new design concept is visually impressive with its vibrant colours and structure of the basket in its chaotic web of varied, repeated and interweaving lines that looks as if it has grown organically. It sounds new, looks new, is new and works perfectly for convenient shopping experience – there is plenty of room in the 150 litre basket whilst small items and fragile goods are kept safely in the combination of child safety seat and goods storage.
The ergonomic Promobox Plus S-Grip handles unit with cup and scanner holder is a practical accessory.

Generous brand advertising areas on the end of the basket and on the sides provide plenty of space for the individual supermarket’s logo, ensuring excellent brand recognition. The basket comes in five standard colours or customised in the supermarket’s brand colours on request.

The Salsa also offers all the benefits of the Tango trolley – the hygienic plastic baskets are resistant to acids, alkaline solutions and cleaning agents and withstands long term climate factors such as high UV radiation, ice, snow and salty sea air. The basket with no metal reinforcement is EAS and RFID compatible which reliably reduces inventory differences.

The Salsa dances quietly!
Fitted with original Wanzl castors, the Salsa dances quietly, smoothly and comfortably through the supermarket aisles and car parks – a joy to drive. The trolleys nest and unnest discretely, ensuring no disruption to customers, residents and supermarket staff.

Fully Nestable

Optional Features
For now, the Salsa comes with a 150 litre basket volume with further variants for each customer group from a single person to a family are expected to follow. The Salsa is a shopping trolley for all eventualities – perfect for daily convenience trips for fresh food and an ideal partner for the big weekly supermarket shop. The perfectly designed bottom tray comfortably increases the loading capacity for larger items or bulky goods providing space for more products. The Promobox Plus S-Grip handle unit with cup and scanner holder is a practical accessory for this new product. Price-wise, the Salsa plastic shopping trolley is an interesting alternative to wire shopping trolleys.

The Salsa Trolley
Benefits & Features
- A striking and easily recognisable new basket design.

- A plastic basket – hygienic and durable.

- Plenty of room for customised branding
- Outstandingly smooth travel and a quiet tread, with original Wanzl castors.

- EAS and RFID compatible, reducing inventory differences.

- Optional bottom tray, Promobox Plus S-Grip handle unit with cup and scanner holder.

For the Wanzl Salsa video, visit us at Wanzl YouTube