Wanzl Celebrating 50 Years of EuroShop

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Wanzl Celebrating 50 Years of EuroShop

As we celebrate 50 years of EuroShop, we look back at how the EuroShop trade fair has developed but also how Wanzl has developed alongside it.

In February 2014, there were approximately 2,226 exhibitors – 18 of which were present at the very first EuroShop trade show back in 1966. At EuroShop 2017, there will be precisely 5 companies that would have participated without interruption in all 19 events. One of these 5 companies is Wanzl. In 1966, Wanzl occupied at 40sqm stand area – everything was on a much smaller scale and was used as an order fair where you negotiated and took orders on the stand. It was seen as a local exhibition which catered for small local retailers and shop networks – nobody knew how important this event would become.

Today EuroShop, which takes place every three years, is regarded as the launch for the presentation of product innovations and is seen as THE representation and communication platform throughout the retail sector, as its function has drastically changed over 50 years. Wanzl uses EuroShop as a platform to demonstrate its innovative leadership, focusing on presenting to the outside world of market partners and customers from the traditional bricks-and-mortar retailers, but now also the digital world as we move into the trend of technology.

In 2017, Wanzl now occupies a stand of 1,200sqm at EuroShop as it has developed dramatically in the Retail Systems and Shop Solutions arena and, since 1966, has become a permanent fixture at Europe’s largest retail trade fair.