The Progression of Trolleywise

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The Progression of Trolleywise

Through great local teamwork, Trolleywise continues to develop strong relationships with local Councils in partnership with our retail customers, which was recently highlighted in a press release by Newport City Council:

A plan to work more closely with a national firm who retrieve abandoned shopping trolleys has been agreed by Newport City Council.

The council’s Cabinet Member for Streetscene, Councillor Roger Jeavons, has met with Trolleywise who work with local authorities across the country to tackle the problem.
Trolleywise provide a range of services to return abandoned trolleys to local supermarkets and patrol trolley hotspots in local communities.

Trolleys are often abandoned in roads, on walkways and in parks, where they have the potential to cause accidents and are an eye sore within the community. Many are also dumped in local waterways, rivers and canals where they can cause harm to wildlife and the general environment.

Since 2006, Trolleywise has collected and returned more than 5 million abandoned shopping trolleys from local streets and rivers in the UK, working closely with a number of supermarkets, local authorities, police and Streetscene teams around the UK.

Councillor Jeavons said: “Trolleywise provide a safe and effective recovery solution for difficult to reach abandoned trolleys which brings benefits to the public, retailers and communities. Abandoned trolleys are a real nuisance and this partnership with Trolleywise will help reduce the number of such incidents.”

Trolleywise ensure they also regularly work closely alongside the Canal and River Trust as well as National Resources Wales in all relevant trolley retrieval environments. By operating specialised vehicles and recovery equipment, Trolleywise have the ability to retrieve trolleys from waterways, canals and other difficult or hazardous locations.

From early 2018, the new Trolleywise App will be launched which will enable residents to report an abandoned trolley using the free Trolleywise App service. This will further improve both local and national collection services.