Wanzl Diner at the IBA 2018

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Wanzl Diner at the IBA 2018

Demand for processed food and groceries continues unabated

At the IBA – the leading international trade fair for bakery, confectionery and snacks – Wanzl will present its efficient, market-oriented and customisable bakery solutions. You can visit the Wanzl Diner – our presentation space in the style of an American diner – at the leading world trade fair in September in hall B3 / 510.

Attractive Bakery Presentation – BakeOff
With the BakeOff models 3.0, 2.1, light and Donut Display, the freshly baked goods are presented to the end consumer in an attractive way. The modular sales system is flexible and can be adapted with minimal effort to rapidly changing assortment designs. Spread over four levels, the baked goods are presented in such a way that the customer can get an optimal overview. At the same time, assembly and cleaning by the staff are ergonomic and easy to do.

With the BakeOff 3.0, the levels can be equipped either from the front or from the back of the unit, depending on the location in store. A hygienic removal of the goods, either by bakery employee, removal tongs or disposable gloves, is given in all models. The handling of the BakeOff 3.0 is especially easy due to the hygienic hatch which provides sufficient time to remove the baked goods through a soft-closing mechanism. The BakeOff light dispenses with the front flaps and, therefore, also allows easy handling. Due to the different hygiene levels, the BakeOff meets the hygienic requirements of the individual markets in Europe.

In addition, the available load cell was developed in cooperation with Bizerba. This means that out of stock situations are a thing of the past. The innovative technology informs the staff in real time, on a smart device or headset, if a minimum weight per floor has fallen below meaning the stocks must be replenished. Alternatively, the technology can be coupled with Wanzl Connect so that the furnace’s rebound cycle is controlled depending on inventory and sales.

The correct placement of the baked goods in the modules ensures strong sales growth. Oriented towards the client’s gaze, an arrangement from left to right is particularly effective – savoury and sweet snacks grab attention, followed by rolls in the middle section and bread in the right module. Also, the new Donut Display can be positioned in store to encourage impulsive purchases. The single tower with four levels and the wooden elements is a real eye-catcher. Thanks to LED lighting and large hygiene flaps, the donut assortment of the store is well staged. Additional equipment such as an integrated bread slicer, a cooling module in the models BakeOff 2.1 and 3.0 or a warming module with the model 3.0 increase the comfort and allow ideal cross-selling.

Further Systems for the Presentation of Goods
In addition to the BakeOff, Wanzl will also be presenting its products Pure Tech and YourTable, which are particularly suitable for the presentation of packaged specialties and snacks. Pure Tech, the new elegant shelving system, sets the goods in the foreground with its minimalist design. Integrated smart sensors record the dwell time as well as the length of stay of people in front of the shelf. The system, therefore, provides important insights into the success of marketing activities.

The multifunctional sales table, the YourTable, is extremely flexible and easy to set up. With different models – T.01, T.02 and T.03 – it adapts perfectly to the needs of different goods. The expressively designed table can be enlarged, reduced and equipped with additional accessories such as baskets or displays at any time, offering interesting combinations and increases the buying impulse.