Wanzl began operating in the UK in 1978, providing a range of high quality products to the retail industry. The business grew steadily, keeping pace with the British love of shopping.

Along with shopping trolleys, Wanzl supplied integrated systems helping retailers make the most of their floorspace and provide the best possible shopping experience for their customers. Shelving, displays, security and customer guidance systems were all part of a total single point solution.

Wanzl continued to expand and over the last ten years has established a dedicated Shop Solutions division with full design, floorplan and installation support. Wanzl have also become an important provider of a range of equipment needs to the huge UK Logistics and Industry sectors.

More recently, Wanzl has expanded its management and maintenance services to all customers, This ensures that they enjoy the full benefit of excellent Wanzl product life and low cost of ownership in a choice of environmentally responsible asset management solutions.

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